The USA Men’s 3×3 National Team for the Paris Olympics

USA Basketball recently announced its men’s 3×3 national team for the upcoming Paris Olympics. The team comprises Canyon Barry, Jimmer Fredette, Kareem Maddox, and Dylan Travis. These players have already displayed their skills by winning a silver medal at the 2023 World Cup for Team USA. Canyon Barry, the son of NBA legend Rick Barry, is a 3×3 specialist with experience playing in the NBA G League and overseas. Jimmer Fredette, known for his shooting abilities, has played in the NBA and internationally. Kareem Maddox, a forward with a background at Princeton and years of overseas experience, has five gold medals in international competitions with Team USA. Finally, Dylan Travis, an NCAA Division II national title winner, has also achieved success with Team USA in recent years.

The Road to the Olympics

According to Team USA coach Joe Lewandowski, representing the country at the Olympics is the pinnacle of honor for any athlete. He commended the hard work and dedication put in by these players in the realm of 3×3 basketball. The team is now set to uphold the high standards set by USA Basketball and work towards achieving their dream of winning the gold medal in the upcoming Olympics.

Understanding 3×3 Basketball

Unlike the traditional 5-on-5 basketball game, 3×3 basketball is played in the half court, with a 10-minute game clock and a 12-second shot clock. One unique aspect of this version is the concept of “clearing” the ball behind a designated 2-point line after baskets, rebounds, or steals. The game is fast-paced and ends when one team reaches 21 points or when time expires, with the leading team emerging victorious.

The USA Men’s 3×3 National Team for the Paris Olympics is filled with talented and experienced players who are gearing up to compete at the highest level. With their track record of success in international competitions and the guidance of their dedicated coach, the team is poised to make a strong impression at the upcoming Olympics. Fans and supporters eagerly await the opportunity to witness these athletes showcase their skills on the global stage.


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