The Ups and Downs of Gerrit Cole’s Recent Start

Gerrit Cole’s second start of the 2024 season did not go according to plan. In a game against the Mets, Cole struggled, giving up six runs on seven hits in just four innings. The right-hander also allowed four home runs, walked four batters, and failed to record a single strikeout. This performance was a stark contrast to his successful season debut, leaving Cole and the Yankees disappointed with the outcome. Cole himself described his performance as “just disappointing” and acknowledged that he did not execute enough pitches to give his team a fighting chance.

Despite the poor results, there were a couple of silver linings in Cole’s outing. He threw 72 pitches, which was more than in any of his previous starts in the minors or in his season debut. Additionally, Cole mentioned that he was healthy, even though his fastball velocity decreased after the first inning. His fastball was clocked at 97 to 99 mph initially, showing promise after his previous elbow issues. However, his velocity dropped significantly in subsequent innings, leading to some concerns about his pitch effectiveness and overall health.

After the game, Cole addressed the intentional drop in velocity after the first inning. He mentioned that he made a conscious decision to reduce his fastball speed in an attempt to work more efficiently and stay within the pitch limit set for him. Cole compared it to driving a car, noting that the right balance was crucial for optimal performance. Despite his efforts to control the game, Cole struggled to put batters away and allowed multiple hard-hit balls, including two that resulted in home runs. This adjustment in strategy did not yield the desired results, ultimately leading to a challenging outing for the ace pitcher.

Despite the setback, Cole remains a key player for the Yankees, with his next start scheduled against the Blue Jays. He acknowledged the need to improve his execution and learn from his mistakes in order to bounce back from the disappointing performance. Teammates like Aaron Judge expressed confidence in Cole’s ability to overcome this rough patch and return to form in upcoming games. The competitive nature of the league was highlighted, emphasizing the constant challenges that players face in striving for success at the highest level of baseball.

Gerrit Cole’s recent start was a mix of struggles and potential, showcasing the unpredictable nature of professional sports. While disappointing outcomes are inevitable, the true test lies in how athletes like Cole respond to adversity and continue to push forward in pursuit of excellence on the field.


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