The Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Dilemma

The boxing world was hit with disappointing news as Oleksandr Usyk announced his decision to vacate the IBF heavyweight title. This move left him with the WBA, WBC, and WBO titles, but fell short of securing him the undisputed heavyweight championship. Usyk expressed that the upcoming fight between Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois will determine the next IBF heavyweight champion. However, the bout scheduled for the 21st of September has yet to be confirmed.

In a video message, Usyk directly addressed Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois, offering the IBF belt as a present for their upcoming fight. This gesture highlighted the spotlight shining on the potential for a new IBF champion. With the IBF ordering Usyk to face Dubois next, his decision to relinquish the belt was seen as a strategic move, especially with a rematch against Tyson Fury on the horizon for December.

Both Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois have faced Usyk in the past, with Dubois coming close to defeating the Ukrainian heavyweight. Joshua, on the other hand, boasts an impressive record, having only been bested by Usyk throughout his career. Their upcoming clash will not only determine the IBF champion but will also serve as a showdown between two highly skilled contenders in the heavyweight division.

The anticipation for the Usyk-Fury rematch scheduled for December is palpable among boxing fans. The first bout between the two fighters was a closely contested battle, with Usyk emerging victorious in the end. Despite the rematch not being for the undisputed title, it holds significant weight in determining the top heavyweight in the division. Fans eagerly await the outcome of this highly anticipated rematch.

Usyk’s decision to vacate the IBF belt was met with mixed reactions. While it opens up opportunities for Joshua and Dubois to vie for the championship, it also marks a step back in the quest for an undisputed heavyweight champion. Usyk’s move was strategic, considering his upcoming rematch with Fury and the potential implications of holding multiple titles simultaneously.

The landscape of the heavyweight division is in flux with Usyk’s vacating of the IBF title. The upcoming fights between Joshua and Dubois, as well as the Usyk-Fury rematch, will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the division. While the dream of having an undisputed heavyweight champion may have been put on hold, boxing fans can still expect thrilling matchups and fierce competition among the top contenders in the division.


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