The Uncertain Future of Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Geno Smith

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith is facing an uncertain future as his $12.7 million contract is set to become fully guaranteed. While Smith has had moments of success, including making the Pro Bowl and winning NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2022, his performance has been inconsistent. The decision to guarantee his $12.7 million comes at a time when salaries for starting quarterbacks are soaring, making it a strategic move by the Seahawks to retain him on the roster.

Despite the guarantee on his contract, Smith’s future with the Seahawks is not secure. The team has the option to trade him before March 18 to free up cap space and explore other options at the quarterback position. Smith’s $22.5 million salary for 2024 ranks 18th among quarterbacks, indicating that he may be a valuable asset for teams looking to acquire a seasoned player with Pro Bowl experience.

Smith’s performance in the 2023 season saw a decline in several key metrics, including fewer touchdown passes and a lower Total QBR ranking. While he showed flashes of brilliance with NFL record go-ahead touchdown passes in crucial moments, his overall consistency has been questioned. The recent changes in Seattle’s coaching staff and leadership structure add another layer of uncertainty to Smith’s future with the team.

As the Seahawks navigate their offseason decisions, the fate of Geno Smith hangs in the balance. While he has proven himself as a capable starter, his inconsistency and the changing dynamics within the organization make his future uncertain. Whether he remains in Seattle or is traded to another team, Smith’s journey as an NFL quarterback continues to be a story filled with highs and lows.

Overall, Geno Smith’s contract guarantee presents a complex situation for the Seahawks, forcing them to weigh the financial implications against the potential for a fresh start at the quarterback position. Only time will tell what the future holds for Smith and the Seahawks as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of the NFL.


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