The Transformation of Josef Newgarden

Josef Newgarden, the talented driver from Team Penske, has undergone a significant transformation in his mindset for the 2023 season. After a disappointing end to his previous campaign, where he dropped from second to fifth in the final five rounds, Newgarden has consciously removed the expectation of perfection from his racing endeavors. This shift in mentality has allowed him to approach races with a more relaxed and positive attitude, focusing on enjoying the process rather than obsessing over the outcome.

Reflecting on his changed mindset, Newgarden expressed his desire to be happier at the track and enjoy his job more. He acknowledged that in the past, he had overloaded himself with expectations of excelling at everything he did, which ultimately led to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction. By letting go of his perfectionism and accepting that not everything will go perfectly, Newgarden has been able to find a renewed sense of positivity and encouragement in his racing career.

The Killer Mentality

Despite his shift in mindset, Newgarden showcased a “killer mentality” during a recent race, where he aggressively fought his way back to the front after dropping to third due to a pitstop mishap. He admitted that while he initially had doubts about regaining his position, once the race restarted, he was determined to push past his competitors and reclaim the lead. This display of tenacity and drive reflects Newgarden’s competitive spirit and his unwavering commitment to succeed on the racetrack.

By embracing a more relaxed and positive attitude towards racing, Josef Newgarden has found a new sense of joy and fulfillment in his career. Instead of fixating on the need to be perfect and win every race, he has shifted his focus to enjoying the journey and appreciating the process of improvement and growth. This change in perspective has not only reinvigorated Newgarden’s passion for racing but has also allowed him to perform at a higher level by approaching each race with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

As Josef Newgarden continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 2023 season, his newfound mindset will undoubtedly play a crucial role in his success on the track. By letting go of perfectionism and embracing a more positive and relaxed approach to racing, Newgarden has positioned himself for a season of growth, learning, and achievement. With his competitive spirit and determination, Newgarden is poised to make a significant impact in the world of motorsports and inspire others to approach challenges with a similar mindset of resilience and determination.


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