The Strained Relationship Between Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya

During a media workout in Los Angeles, Oscar De La Hoya expressed his views on the upcoming fight between Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia, suggesting that it might be a passing of the torch. He highlighted the younger boxers like Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia who are eager to dethrone Canelo and take his crown. De La Hoya emphasized that Canelo has already achieved a lot in his career, but the younger generation is closing in on him.

There has been speculation about Canelo facing David Benavidez instead of Jaime Munguia, but the fight doesn’t seem to materialize. De La Hoya insinuated that Canelo’s demand for a massive payout to fight Benavidez is a way of avoiding the matchup. This decision has raised eyebrows among boxing fans who believe that Benavidez could pose a serious challenge to Canelo and test his skills in the ring.

Once a formidable duo in boxing, Canelo and De La Hoya now find themselves at odds with each other. De La Hoya recounted a moment when his loyalty was questioned by Canelo’s team after suggesting that trainer Eddie Reynoso could use some assistance. This incident marked the beginning of the rift between the fighter and promoter, leading to a breakdown in their relationship.

De La Hoya refuted Canelo’s claim of disloyalty by pointing out the fighter’s history of switching promoters and networks. He expressed disappointment at not receiving gratitude from Canelo for securing lucrative deals and career opportunities. The lack of appreciation from Canelo has further strained the already fragile relationship between the two parties.

The rift between Canelo and De La Hoya is not uncommon in the world of boxing, where fighters often part ways with their teams. From Jack Dempsey to present-day icons, the sport has witnessed numerous publicized fallouts between fighters and their promoters. The Canelo-De La Hoya feud is just another chapter in the ongoing saga of professional disagreements in boxing.

The strained relationship between Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya sheds light on the complexities of the boxing world. As younger fighters aspire to claim the spotlight, established champions like Canelo face challenges on and off the ring. The dynamics between fighters and promoters are constantly evolving, and conflicts like the one between Canelo and De La Hoya exemplify the delicate balance of power and loyalty in the sport.


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