The Rise of Edgar Berlanga and the Road to Canelo Alvarez

Super middleweight contender Edgar Berlanga faced off against Padraig McCrory in an intense battle in Orlando, Florida. Berlanga, with a record of 21-0, was eyeing a potential showdown with boxing legend Canelo Alvarez, while McCrory, with a record of 18-0, was looking to make a name for himself by defeating Berlanga. The stakes were high for both fighters as they entered the ring that night.

The fight started with both fighters feeling each other out in the first round, with McCrory being slightly more active. As the pace picked up in the second round, Berlanga and McCrory exchanged blows, with Berlanga showing his aggressive side by intentionally headbutting McCrory in the third. Despite his efforts, Berlanga struggled to connect with his punches early on.

In the fourth round, Berlanga managed to break free from a clinch and landed some significant blows on McCrory, turning the tide in his favor. The fifth round saw Berlanga dominating the fight, aside from a low blow he landed on McCrory. As the rounds progressed, it became evident that Berlanga was in control and breaking down his opponent.

In the sixth round, McCrory put up a valiant effort, but Berlanga’s relentless assault proved to be too much. Berlanga landed a powerful right hand that sent McCrory to the canvas, nearly knocking him out. McCrory’s corner threw in the towel, signaling the end of the fight and declaring Berlanga as the victor. With this win, Berlanga is now in line for a potential fight with Canelo Alvarez for the WBC super middleweight title.

As Berlanga sets his sights on a future showdown with Canelo, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead. Canelo Alvarez, with his impressive record and status as one of the top fighters in the world, has the luxury of choosing his opponents carefully. While this may be frustrating for fighters like Berlanga who are eager to prove themselves, it is understandable given Canelo’s accomplishments in the sport.

Edgar Berlanga’s victory over Padraig McCrory is a significant milestone in his career, bringing him one step closer to a potential bout with Canelo Alvarez. As Berlanga continues to rise through the ranks of the super middleweight division, he must remain focused and determined in his pursuit of greatness. Only time will tell if Berlanga will have the opportunity to face off against a boxing legend like Canelo Alvarez and solidify his place among the sport’s elite.


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