The Rise and Fall of Francis Ngannou in Boxing

Francis Ngannou, the former UFC great, made a bold move when he stepped inside the boxing ring in Saudi Arabia for his debut match against lineal and WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Despite Fury emerging victorious in a controversial split decision, Ngannou left a lasting impression on fans when he managed to knock Fury down in the third round. People were left wondering about Ngannou’s potential and what the future held for him in the world of boxing.

Ngannou’s optimism soon turned into disappointment when he faced former heavyweight titlist Anthony Joshua in his second boxing match in Saudi Arabia. While it was expected that Joshua would defeat Ngannou, nobody anticipated the brutality and quickness of the match. Joshua managed to knock Ngannou down twice in just two rounds, ultimately finishing him off with a powerful overhand right that left Ngannou struggling to get back on his feet.

In the aftermath of the defeat, Ngannou took to Instagram to share his thoughts and emotions. He admitted to feeling drowsy and unable to warm up properly before the fight, which may have contributed to his lackluster performance against Joshua. Despite his struggles, Ngannou did not make any excuses for his loss, acknowledging that Joshua executed his game plan effectively and deserved the win. He commended Joshua and his team for their preparation and performance, giving credit where credit was due.

Ngannou, now with a record of 0-2 in boxing, is determined to learn from his experiences and come back stronger. He emphasized the importance of reflecting on his fight with Joshua and taking the time to improve himself both physically and mentally. While the defeat was a tough pill to swallow, Ngannou remains optimistic about his future in boxing and is grateful for the support of his team throughout his journey. As a 37-year-old fighter, Ngannou knows that he has to push himself harder and make the necessary adjustments to succeed in the competitive world of boxing.

The rise and fall of Francis Ngannou in boxing serve as a cautionary tale for athletes looking to transition from one combat sport to another. While Ngannou showed promise in his debut match against Tyson Fury, his defeat at the hands of Anthony Joshua highlighted the harsh realities of the boxing world. Ngannou’s willingness to take responsibility for his loss and his commitment to self-improvement demonstrate his resilience and determination to succeed. As he continues his boxing career, Ngannou will undoubtedly face new challenges and obstacles, but his fighting spirit and perseverance will be key in shaping his future in the sport.


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