The Potential Showdown Between Lomachenko and Davis: A Closer Look

At 92 years old, Bob Arum is still highly involved in the boxing world. In a recent interview with Fight Hype, he expressed his optimism about the potential fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Gervonta Davis. Arum stated that both fighters are interested in the bout, and he believes that negotiations will go smoothly. However, the fight has not been signed yet, highlighting the uncertainty that often surrounds boxing matches.

When questioned about whether network affiliations could hinder potential fights, Arum defended the networks, placing the blame on those involved with the fighters if a deal falls through. He emphasized the importance of being realistic in negotiations and expressed confidence that Lomachenko and Davis’s teams would come to an agreement. Despite external factors that could complicate the process, Arum remains hopeful that the fight will come to fruition.

Some may argue that the Lomachenko-Davis fight has lost its appeal over time. However, Arum dismissed this notion, stating that the current moment presents an ideal opportunity for the bout. Both fighters are coming off significant victories, adding to the intrigue of a potential matchup. While Lomachenko may not be at his peak, he still poses a threat to Davis, who is showing improvement in his own right. The fight promises to be an exciting showdown between two skilled competitors.

Throughout his long career in the boxing world, Bob Arum has proven himself to be a successful and controversial figure. Despite his age, he continues to play a key role in making major fights happen. The potential clash between Lomachenko and Davis is just one example of Arum’s ability to navigate the complexities of the sport and bring together top-tier talent. While the matchup may not be considered a classic in the making, it undoubtedly has the makings of a significant event in the boxing world.

The anticipated fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Gervonta Davis holds promise for boxing fans. With Bob Arum’s guidance and optimism, there is hope that the negotiations will lead to a successful agreement. While challenges may arise due to network affiliations and differing views on the fight’s timing, the potential matchup remains appealing. Both fighters have demonstrated their skills in the ring, setting the stage for an exciting showdown. As the boxing world eagerly awaits further developments, one thing is certain – the Lomachenko-Davis bout has the potential to be a memorable event in the sport’s history.


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