The Oakland Athletics in Limbo: Options for Temporary Home

The Oakland Athletics’ ownership recently met with officials from Oakland and Alameda County to discuss the city’s latest offer to keep the team in the Coliseum through the 2027 season. Unfortunately, these negotiations did not result in a resolution, leading the Athletics to seek out other options.

Sacramento Meeting and Proposal

Following the unsuccessful meeting with Oakland officials, the Athletics are now scheduled to meet with Sacramento officials to hear their proposal to be the team’s home for a minimum of three seasons beginning next year. This shift in focus suggests that the Athletics are open to exploring all possible avenues to secure a temporary home.

Pitting Northern California Cities Against Each Other

The decision to negotiate simultaneously with both Oakland and Sacramento seems reminiscent of the Athletics’ controversial “Parallel Paths” plan from last April, where they engaged with both Oakland and Las Vegas before ultimately choosing to relocate to Las Vegas. This time, Sacramento has emerged as a strong contender for the team’s temporary residence, thanks in part to support from Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive.

With Vivek Ranadive’s connections to the A’s owner John Fisher and ownership of the Triple-A Sacramento RiverCats, the move to house the Athletics in Sacramento could pave the way for a permanent relocation if the Las Vegas plans fall through. Sacramento’s proximity to Oakland makes it a viable option, although it would require renegotiating the team’s regional television contract with NBC Sports Bay Area.

Oakland’s initial offer to the Athletics included a five-year lease with the team having the option to opt out after three seasons. However, the two parties are reportedly far apart on the terms needed to secure an extension, indicating potential challenges in reaching a deal. Additionally, Oakland is requiring the Athletics to sell their stake in the Coliseum property to facilitate redevelopment plans for the area.

Any move by the Athletics, whether to Sacramento or elsewhere, is likely to impact the team’s revenue from their regional television contract. The current contract with NBC Sports Bay Area pays the team $67 million per year, and a move would necessitate renegotiating this agreement. Furthermore, the Athletics have a $30 million payment due by May 14 as part of a purchase agreement, adding financial pressure to their decision-making process.

The Oakland Athletics find themselves in a complex and uncertain situation as they navigate negotiations with different cities for a temporary home. With competing offers from Oakland and Sacramento on the table, the team must carefully weigh their options to ensure a smooth transition and secure their future in a new location. The outcome of these negotiations will not only impact the Athletics’ immediate plans but also shape their long-term trajectory in the world of Major League Baseball.


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