The NHL Calder Trophy Finalists: A Closer Look

One of this year’s finalists for the Calder Trophy is Connor Bedard, the highly touted first pick of the 2023 NHL draft. Bedard’s performance in his first season with the Chicago Blackhawks has only served to solidify his status as the league’s next great generational talent. Despite missing some games due to a fractured jaw, Bedard managed to tie for the team lead in goals, lead the team in assists, and top the Blackhawks in points. His ability to handle the demands of playing as a top-line center at just 18 years old is truly impressive.

Brock Faber: Rising Star for the Minnesota Wild

Another finalist for the Calder Trophy is Brock Faber, a second-round pick in 2020 who played his first full season for the Minnesota Wild. Faber’s contributions to the team were invaluable, especially as they faced injuries on the back end. Finishing the season with 47 points, 39 assists, and 8 goals, Faber demonstrated his skill as a defenseman in a top-four role. His ice time average of nearly 25 minutes per game led all first-year players as well as the Wild, showcasing his importance to the team.

Luke Hughes: A Promising Defenseman for the New Jersey Devils

The final finalist for the Calder Trophy is Luke Hughes, a first-round pick by the New Jersey Devils in 2021. In his first full season with the team, Hughes showcased his potential as a defenseman with 47 points, 38 assists, and 9 goals. His role on the team continued to grow throughout the season, culminating in leading all rookies in power-play points and ranking second in overall points. Hughes’ ice time average of over 21 minutes per game further cements his importance to the Devils, as he finished fifth on the team in points.

Overall, these three finalists for the Calder Trophy have each made significant impacts in their respective teams in their first year of competition. It will be interesting to see who ultimately takes home the award, as each player has shown immense talent and potential in their rookie seasons.


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