The New York Mets’ Quest for Playoffs Under Steve Cohen’s Ownership

The New York Mets are entering the current season with lower expectations compared to previous years. However, team owner Steve Cohen remains steadfast in his specific goal for the team – to make the playoffs. In a recent news conference at Citi Field, Cohen expressed his desire for the Mets to secure a spot in the postseason, emphasizing the simplicity of this objective. He made it clear that failure to accomplish this goal would leave him disappointed.

The Disappointing 2023 Season

The Mets are looking to bounce back from a disappointing 2023 season. Despite starting the year with high hopes following a 101-win season and a playoff appearance in the prior year, the team fell short of expectations. With a staggering payroll of $355 million on Opening Day, the Mets finished fourth in the National League East with a record of 75-87. The team’s costly failure led to paying a record luxury tax of nearly $101 million.

Steve Cohen addressed the team’s direction, stating that it was more of a transition than a reset. Despite trading key players like Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander for prospects, the Mets are aiming to remain competitive while building towards the future. Under the leadership of new president of baseball operations David Stearns, the team has focused on bolstering the bullpen and enhancing their defense through strategic acquisitions.

An Emphasis on Efficiency and Professionalism

Cohen emphasized the importance of efficient and professional operations within the organization. While not shying away from spending money, he highlighted the significance of spending wisely and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. The Mets owner expressed his satisfaction with the team’s current roster and expressed confidence in their ability to contend as the season progresses.

Cohen was questioned about MLB’s investigation into the club, which led to the suspension of former general manager Billy Eppler. Cohen acknowledged the situation as unfortunate and stressed the organization’s commitment to integrity and ethical conduct. With a new management team in place, Cohen expressed optimism for a more stable decision-making environment within the organization.

Fan Expectations and Long-Term Goals

As the Mets’ owner, Cohen acknowledged the support of the team’s fans and expressed a desire to deliver a winning product on the field. Despite enjoying popularity among supporters, Cohen understands that ultimately, the team’s success will be measured by their performance on the field. He reiterated his goal of establishing the Mets as a perennial playoff contender, ensuring sustained success in the long run.


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