The Most Expensive Michael Jordan Card Fetches Millions at Auction

In a recent auction held by collectibles marketplace Goldin, a 2003-04 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection autographed Michael Jordan Logoman card sold for an astonishing $2.928 million, making it the most expensive Jordan card ever sold. The card, numbered 1-of-1, is a Logoman card featuring the NBA logo patch cut from a game-used Chicago Bulls jersey. Notably, this is the first Jordan Logoman card to showcase a Bulls jersey, adding to its rarity and appeal among collectors.

The Jordan Logoman card received an “Authentic” grade from card grader PSA, along with a perfect 10 on-card autograph. This exceptional grading and pristine autograph further contribute to the allure and value of the card. Goldin founder and CEO, Ken Goldin, emphasized the uniqueness and significance of the card, referring to it as “long lost” due to its elusive nature before its appearance at the auction. Goldin highlighted the card as the “single best and most valuable Michael Jordan card ever produced,” underscoring its desirability within the sports memorabilia market.

While the Jordan card set a new record for the most expensive Jordan card sold, it falls short of the overall record for a sports card, which is currently held by the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card that fetched $12.6 million in August 2022. Additionally, the most expensive sports memorabilia of all time remains a jersey worn by Jordan in Game 1 of the 1998 “Last Dance” NBA Finals, which sold for $10.1 million in September 2022. Despite these remarkable sales, the Jordan Logoman card stands out for its uniqueness and exclusivity among collectors.

In addition to the record-breaking sale of the Jordan card, Goldin auctioned off other sports memorabilia, including a Kobe Bryant game-worn jersey from the Los Angeles Lakers’ 80th game of the 2013 season. The jersey, worn during a game where Bryant scored 34 points and tore his Achilles but continued to play and make two crucial free throws, fetched $1.2 million at the auction. The sale of the Jordan and Bryant memorabilia underscores the enduring appeal and value of items connected to basketball icons like Jordan and Bryant in the sports collectibles market.

Overall, the sale of the $2.928 million Michael Jordan Logoman card demonstrates the remarkable heights that sports memorabilia auctions can reach, particularly when rare and iconic items are up for bidding. The allure of owning a piece of basketball history, such as a unique Jordan card or a game-worn jersey, continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike, driving prices to unprecedented levels in the world of sports collectibles.


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