The Los Angeles Dodgers Make Moves with Margot Trade and Hernández Contract

The Los Angeles Dodgers have made some significant moves in their roster, including trading outfielder Manuel Margot to the Minnesota Twins. The deal involved sending Margot and shortstop prospect Rayne Doncon to the Twins in exchange for shortstop prospect Noah Miller. Additionally, the Dodgers will be sending cash to help cover the $12 million owed to Margot, which includes $10 million for this year and a $2 million buyout on a $12 million club option. This trade signifies a shift in the Dodgers’ lineup and provides an opportunity for both teams to benefit from the exchanged players.

In addition to the trade, the Los Angeles Dodgers have also agreed to terms with super utility man Kiké Hernández on a one-year, $4 million contract. Hernández, who had considered offers from other teams, will be returning to the Dodgers for another season. He is expected to see playing time against left-handed pitchers, complementing the team’s primary shortstop, Gavin Lux, and center fielder, James Outman. Despite undergoing double hernia surgery in the offseason, Hernández is anticipated to be ready for opening day. His performance statistics from last season suggest that he will bring a valuable skill set to the team, reinforcing the Dodgers’ lineup.

Kiké Hernández had a strong showing with the Dodgers last year, hitting .262/.308/.423 in 54 games. This performance aligns more closely with his career numbers, as opposed to his stats with the Twins and Boston Red Sox in previous years. On the other hand, Manuel Margot, an eight-year veteran, had a solid season with the Tampa Bay Rays, hitting .264/.310/.376 with four home runs in 336 plate appearances. Margot is known for his slightly above-average defensive skills as a center fielder, which will be an asset to the Twins’ lineup. Both players bring unique strengths to their respective teams, enhancing their overall performance on the field.

The swap of shortstop prospects between the Dodgers and the Twins has also reshaped their minor league rosters. Rayne Doncon, who signed with the Dodgers in 2021, will now be a part of the Twins organization. Doncon, who can also play second and third base, had a challenging season in Low-A last year, batting .216/.283/.368. On the other hand, Noah Miller, the 36th pick in the amateur draft in 2021, will join the Dodgers’ minor league team. Miller, known for his exceptional defensive skills as a shortstop, batted .223/.309/.340 in High-A last season. This exchange of prospects provides an opportunity for both players to further develop their skills and contribute to their new teams in the future.

The recent trades and contract agreements made by the Los Angeles Dodgers demonstrate their commitment to strengthening their roster and achieving success in the upcoming season. The addition of Kiké Hernández and the trade involving Manuel Margot and the shortstop prospects highlight the team’s strategic approach to building a competitive lineup. As the season unfolds, fans can expect to see these new acquisitions make significant contributions to the Dodgers’ overall performance on the field.


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