The Lackluster Fight Between Jared “Big Baby” Anderson and Ryad Merhy

Jared “Big Baby” Anderson, with an undefeated record of 16-0, made his way back into the ring for the first time since August. His opponent, Ryad Merhy, with a record of 32-2, was set to face him at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. This fight was scheduled for ten rounds and was the main event of an ESPN broadcast Top Rank card. Anderson, who was considered the favorite, needed to make a strong impression to revive a career that had been tarnished by legal troubles earlier in the year. A loss to Merhy could have been detrimental to his future in the sport.

The fight started with Anderson showing aggression right from the opening bell. On the other hand, Merhy seemed passive and inactive in the first round, possibly trying to wait for the right moment to strike. Anderson took the initiative and started attacking Merhy with a long jab, dominating the early rounds. Merhy landed a powerful left in the second round but failed to mount any significant offense against Anderson. The lack of action from Merhy continued into the third round, raising doubts about his intentions to fight or win the match.

As the fight progressed, it became evident that Merhy was not willing to engage in a meaningful fight. Anderson continued to land solid shots while Merhy remained defensive and reluctant to throw punches. The lack of activity from Merhy frustrated both the crowd and the broadcast team, with Tim Bradley referring to him as “a human punching bag.” Despite a few attempts from Merhy to land shots, Anderson maintained control of the fight, leading to a decisive victory.

A Late Effort from Merhy

In the later rounds, Merhy made a feeble attempt to fight back, trying to find an opening to turn the fight in his favor. However, his efforts were in vain as Anderson continued to dominate the match with his consistent attacks. By the tenth and final round, Merhy’s belated attempt to fight back was too little, too late. Anderson secured a unanimous decision win, cementing his status as a promising heavyweight contender.

The fight between Jared “Big Baby” Anderson and Ryad Merhy was underwhelming, with Merhy failing to put up a competitive challenge against his opponent. Anderson’s dominance in the ring highlighted the disparities in skill and determination between the two fighters. While Anderson showcased his prowess and potential as a rising star in the heavyweight division, Merhy’s lackluster performance left much to be desired. In the end, Anderson’s victory was a clear testament to his superior boxing skills and determination to succeed in the sport.


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