The Journey of Recovery: Vivianne Miedema’s Return to Form

Arsenal and Netherlands forward Vivianne Miedema’s path to recovery after her cruciate ligament injury has been a challenging one. Despite her injury ruling her out of the 2022 Women’s World Cup, Miedema has been making strides towards regaining her form and fitness. She described feeling like her old self again, a testament to her determination and hard work during the rehabilitation process.

Miedema acknowledged that while she may almost feel like her old self, there is now a “new normal” she has to manage, especially in terms of pain. The ACL tear brought about significant changes in her approach to the game, forcing her to navigate through the discomfort and make necessary adjustments. She mentioned that playing after such a serious injury involves trial and error, indicating the challenges she continues to face.

Despite her return to form, Miedema revealed that playing pain-free is not always a reality for her. She discussed the differences between her old normal and the new normal, emphasizing the need to find ways to cope with the pain that still lingers. However, she expressed optimism about feeling fit and fresh, hoping to maintain her condition as she progresses further in her recovery journey.

Miedema’s experience with a cruciate ligament injury is unfortunately not unique among women footballers. Several Dutch players, including her teammates, have also suffered similar injuries, highlighting a widespread concern in the women’s game. The physical and mental toll of such injuries is evident, requiring players to not only recover physically but also regain confidence in their abilities on the field.

As Miedema and the Netherlands strive for a spot at the upcoming Olympics through the Nations League, there is a sense of determination and revenge driving their performance. The disappointment of the World Cup exit fuels their desire to succeed in the current competition, showcasing their growth and progress since the setback. Miedema remains focused on the present, channeling her energy into improving her game and contributing to her team’s success.

Vivianne Miedema’s journey of recovery serves as a reminder of the resilience and dedication required to overcome significant obstacles in sport. Her return to form after a challenging injury is a testament to her strength and commitment to the game. As she navigates through the new normal of pain management and rehabilitation, Miedema continues to inspire both her teammates and fans with her unwavering spirit and determination.


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