The Inaugural Walter Cup: A New Era in Professional Women’s Hockey

The recently launched Professional Women’s Hockey League has unveiled the name of the trophy that the six teams will be competing for in the upcoming playoffs. Named after Mark Walter, the primary financial backer of the league and owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Walter Cup is a symbol of the historic commitment made by Walter and his family to women’s sports. This new trophy represents a monumental milestone in women’s hockey, thanks to the dedication and investment of individuals like Walter and his family.

Designed by Tiffany & Co., the Walter Cup is a masterpiece crafted out of sterling silver. This prestigious trophy stands 24 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and weighs 35 pounds – a true symbol of excellence in women’s hockey. The cup is held up by two hockey sticks, reflecting the sport’s core essence, while engraved “Ws” and rays of light symbolize each inaugural team and the beginning of a new era in women’s hockey. The removable base of the trophy will bear the name of each year’s championship team, immortalizing their victory for years to come.

Mark Walter, along with his wife Kimbra and daughter Samantha, expressed their hope that the Walter Cup will serve as an inspiration for young players everywhere. The level of excellence required to win in the PWHL is embodied in this trophy, aiming to ignite championship dreams in aspiring athletes. The Walter family’s commitment to the league and the sport of women’s hockey is evident in the design and significance of the Walter Cup.

The PWHL’s decision to name their championship trophy after Mark Walter is a nod to his monumental contribution to the league and the sport as a whole. This move marks a departure from the previous championships, such as the Isobel Cup and Clarkson Cup, signifying a new beginning for women’s hockey. The Walter Cup represents not only a symbol of achievement but also a testament to the growth and progress of women’s sports in the modern era.

The introduction of the Walter Cup in the Professional Women’s Hockey League symbolizes a new chapter in the history of women’s sports. Named after a dedicated supporter of the league, this prestigious trophy embodies excellence, inspiration, and a bright future for women’s hockey. As the league progresses and the playoffs approach, the Walter Cup stands as a beacon of achievement and a testament to the unwavering dedication of individuals like Mark Walter towards advancing women’s sports.


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