The Importance of Continuity and Consistency in Quarterback Development

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts recently addressed the changes in the coaching staff, particularly the replacement of offensive coordinator Brian Johnson with Kellen Moore. Despite expressing his excitement about working with Moore and learning a new system, Hurts emphasized the significance of continuity in his development as a player. He highlighted the challenges he has faced throughout his football career, constantly adapting to new coordinators and coaches.

As a quarterback, Hurts emphasized the importance of sustainability and consistency in playcalling and coaching. He acknowledged the impact of stability in those areas on his performance, noting how it can lead to excellence on the field. Hurts drew parallels between his current situation in the NFL and his experience in college, where he never had consecutive seasons with the same playcaller. Despite the challenges, he has managed to find success by learning from different coaches and applying their teachings to his game.

Previous Success Under Steichen

Hurts’ tenure with the Eagles saw him paired with Shane Steichen as his quarterback coach in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Under Steichen’s guidance, Hurts excelled on the field, putting together an MVP-caliber campaign in 2022 and leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl appearance. Despite this success, there was a disconnect between Hurts, coach Nick Sirianni, and former offensive coordinator Brian Johnson, hindering the team’s ability to establish a clear offensive identity. The Eagles struggled down the stretch, losing six of their last seven games following a strong start to the season.

Johnson’s firing and Moore’s appointment as the new offensive coordinator marked a significant change in Philadelphia’s coaching staff. While Hurts expressed his respect and admiration for Johnson, acknowledging his role in his development, he believed that the timing was not right for Johnson to become a head coach. Moore is expected to take on a prominent role in shaping the Eagles’ offense, with Sirianni transitioning to a more overarching position within the coaching staff.

Embracing Change and Growth

Despite the adjustments in coaching staff and offensive philosophy, Hurts remains optimistic about the future. He views the changes as opportunities for growth and development, approaching them with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Hurts emphasized the importance of establishing a strong foundation in the new system, recognizing the significance of adaptability and flexibility in enhancing his performance on the field.

As Hurts navigates the transition to working with Kellen Moore and adapting to a new offensive system, he remains focused on building on his past successes and continuing to grow as a quarterback. By embracing change and seeking stability in his development, Hurts aims to elevate his game and lead the Eagles to further success in the upcoming seasons.

Jalen Hurts’ journey as a quarterback underscores the importance of continuity and consistency in player development. By learning from past experiences, embracing change, and maintaining a growth mindset, Hurts demonstrates resilience and determination in his pursuit of excellence on the field. As he embarks on a new chapter with Kellen Moore as his offensive coordinator, Hurts remains committed to honing his skills and achieving his full potential as a quarterback in the NFL.


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