The Houston Texans’ Potential New Principal Owner: Cal McNair

The NFL owners will be voting on whether to approve Cal McNair as the new principal owner of the Houston Texans. This decision comes after the passing of the team’s former owner, Bob McNair, in November 2018. Following Bob’s death, his wife Janice McNair took over as the principal owner of the Texans. However, with Cal stepping in to handle the daily football operations, he is now up for a vote to become the official principal owner of the franchise.

The McNair family has faced some internal challenges, as seen in a recent case filed by one of Janice’s sons, Robert Cary McNair Jr. The case sought to have Janice declared incapacitated and appoint a guardian. However, this case was resolved last month when all parties involved agreed to drop the lawsuit. These family dynamics can sometimes add complexity to the ownership transition process.

Despite the upcoming vote on Cal McNair’s ownership, it is essential to note that the Texans are not currently up for sale. According to a source, there are no plans to sell the team at this time. If Cal is approved as the principal owner, he will be tasked with leading the franchise, which has seen a mixed performance on the field in recent years. With a record of 31-51-1 in the past five seasons, there may be room for improvement under new ownership.

As the NFL owners convene to vote on Cal McNair’s official appointment as the principal owner of the Houston Texans, the future of the franchise hangs in the balance. Cal’s leadership will be crucial in guiding the team to success both on and off the field. The resolution of the internal family dispute adds a layer of stability to the ownership transition process. With the vote expected to take place soon, all eyes will be on the future direction of the Texans under new leadership.


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