The Green Bay Packers to Play in Historic Game in South America

Prior to the 2022 season, the Green Bay Packers made history by being the last NFL team to play an international regular-season game. Fast forward to the present day, the Packers are set to embark on another groundbreaking journey as they prepare to play a game in South America. The NFL recently announced that the Packers will face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in the first-ever NFL game in South America, to be held in São Paulo, Brazil on Friday, Sept. 6.

Packers president, Mark Murphy, had voiced concerns about the logistics of traveling to Brazil for the game. He highlighted issues such as the size of the airport and runway in Green Bay, which might pose challenges for the team. Despite these logistical hurdles, Murphy expressed the team’s support for international play and willingness to make the necessary adjustments to ensure their participation in the historic game.

Historic Matchup

The significance of the game cannot be understated, as it marks a monumental moment in the partnership between the NFL and its international fanbase. The Eagles, as the designated home team for the Brazil game, will share the spotlight with the Packers in a matchup that is sure to captivate fans on a global scale. The game will take place at the Corinthians Arena, a venue with a rich history in hosting major sporting events such as the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

In a statement, Murphy expressed the team’s excitement for the upcoming game, highlighting their commitment to playing in front of their devoted fans in Brazil. The Packers are no strangers to international competition, having previously played in London. Despite a loss in their previous international game against the New York Giants, the Packers are eager to redeem themselves and showcase their talent on the global stage.

Broadcasting and Global Growth

The NFL has made strategic moves to extend its reach beyond the borders of the United States, with a focus on global growth and expanding its international fan base. The Week 1 game in São Paulo will be exclusively streamed on Peacock (NBCUniversal) and will also be available on free, over-the-air broadcast television in the local markets of the competing teams. Additionally, fans can watch the game on mobile devices with NFL+.

Gerrit Meier, managing director and head of NFL International, expressed his enthusiasm for the historic game, citing the passionate fan base in Brazil and the energy that the matchup is expected to bring. With over 35 million fans in Brazil alone, the game is poised to make a significant impact in promoting the NFL and the sport of football on an international scale.

The Green Bay Packers’ participation in the upcoming game in São Paulo signifies a major milestone in the NFL’s global expansion efforts. The game not only presents an opportunity for the Packers and Eagles to showcase their talent on an international stage but also serves as a testament to the growing popularity of American football around the world. As the NFL continues to prioritize global growth and engagement, events like the game in São Paulo are instrumental in fostering a deeper connection with fans across borders and driving the sport to new heights of success.


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