The Future of WRC Rally1: Teams Pushing Back Against FIA Regulations

Recently, WRC teams Toyota, Hyundai, and M-Sport-Ford joined forces to address their concerns about the FIA’s plans to change the technical regulations for Rally1 cars. While the teams have shown support for proposed changes to the sporting side of the championship, they have strongly opposed the FIA’s intention to remove hybrid power from Rally1 cars and reduce performance through changes in aerodynamics and air restrictor.

One of the main issues raised by the teams is the tight timeframe for enacting these changes. The proposed six-month window for designing, testing, and validating revised cars has left teams feeling rushed and concerned about the potential impact on the competitiveness and safety of the sport.

The WRC Commission recently held a two-day meeting in Geneva to discuss the future of the championship. The FIA confirmed that key topics, including the concerns of Rally1 teams regarding technical rule changes for next year, were on the agenda. There is broad agreement on the technical direction of the championship from 2027 onwards, but discussions are ongoing regarding shorter-term technical developments for 2025 and 2026.

Despite the ongoing discussions, it remains unclear what specific collaborative solutions will be implemented to address the concerns raised by the teams. The goal remains to safeguard and strengthen the world’s premier rally category, but finding common ground between the FIA and the manufacturer teams is essential for the future of WRC Rally1.

The current pushback from WRC teams against the FIA’s proposed technical regulations highlights the complex nature of balancing innovation and tradition in motorsport. While change is necessary for the evolution of the sport, it is crucial that all stakeholders work together to ensure that any alterations are implemented thoughtfully and with the best interests of the drivers, teams, and fans in mind. Collaboration and open communication will be key in charting the future course of WRC Rally1 and ensuring its continued success on the world stage.


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