The Future of UFC: Speculating on the Stars of UFC 400

The UFC is known for delivering epic fight cards and unforgettable moments for fans worldwide. The recent UFC 300 event was no exception, with great fights, storylines, and a superstar-caliber performance in the main event. However, as we look ahead to the future, one question arises: How will the promotion top this at UFC 400 in 2032?

As we speculate on the potential fighters who could shine on the UFC 400 main card, several names come to mind. One such fighter is Nickal, who showed immense talent and promise at UFC 300. Despite being hard on himself, Nickal has the potential to become a two-time UFC champion by the time UFC 400 rolls around.

Another fighter to watch is Chimaev, who once had incredible star potential but faced setbacks in recent years. However, his skill and charisma could still make him a draw for UFC 400 if he regains his momentum and dominance.

Aspinall may be nearing 40 by UFC 400, but his technical skills and potential to break records could make him a standout fighter on the centennial event’s card. If Aspinall continues his success and gains a strong fan base, he could be a face of UFC 400.

Surprise appearances are common at landmark events, and Holloway coming out of retirement for UFC 400 would be a storybook moment. With his legacy and fan following, Holloway’s return could add an extra spark to the event.

Barber, at just 25 years old, has already shown incredible potential and could be a force to be reckoned with by UFC 400. With nine wins in the UFC, Barber is on track for a successful career and could reach new heights by the time the centennial event arrives.

Topuria, the young featherweight champion, has aspirations for big moments and events. While UFC 400 may traditionally take place in Las Vegas, Topuria could be the exception to possibly bring the event to a new location like Spain, showcasing his international appeal.

As we gaze into the future of the UFC and speculate about the stars of UFC 400, one thing is certain: the next generation of fighters will continue to push the boundaries and captivate audiences around the world. With potential record-breakers, comeback stories, and rising stars on the horizon, UFC 400 promises to be a monumental event in the history of the sport. Fans can only wait in anticipation for what the future holds for the UFC and its incredible roster of athletes.


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