The Future of UFC and WWE Collaboration in Live Events

In a groundbreaking move last year, the UFC and WWE merged into the publicly traded TKO Group, owned by Hollywood talent agency Endeavor. Recently, the effects of this merger have begun to surface with the announcement of a joint live event partnership with the sports and entertainment district OC Vibe. This partnership will bring multiple events from both promotions to the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, over the next five years.

The deal between the UFC and WWE includes hosting at least three events each year at the arena until 2028. The events may consist of UFC pay-per-view and Fight Night cards alongside WWE Raw or SmackDown television programs. While the agreement does not mandate holding events on back-to-back days or in the same week, it remains a possibility for the future.

Since the formation of TKO Group last September, this deal marks the first of its kind and could signify how the new company will strategically package the UFC and WWE together for various jurisdictions and tourism authorities. Both promotions have actively sought partners for similar arrangements globally, where local entities pay to bring either or both to their respective regions.

Capitalizing on the upcoming events at the Honda Center, TKO Group is offering ticket packages for both the UFC and WWE events, as well as exclusive VIP tickets to watch the UFC event with WWE superstars Bianca Belair and Montez Ford. This innovative approach aims to enhance the overall fan experience and attract a diverse audience to live sports entertainment.

Peter Dropick, the UFC’s executive vice president of event development and operations, expressed gratitude towards Honda Center and the Samueli Family for their longstanding support. He highlighted the exceptional hosting provided by the venue, making it a favorite destination for UFC events over the past two decades.

The collaboration between the UFC and WWE in live events represents a significant milestone in sports and entertainment. With the potential for new partnerships and innovative marketing strategies, fans can expect a dynamic and immersive experience at future events. As the landscape of combat sports continues to evolve, this joint venture sets a new standard for cross-promotional initiatives in the industry.


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