The Future of the Arizona Coyotes: A Make or Break Land Auction

Recently, the Arizona State Land Department Board of Appeals made a crucial decision by approving a $68.5 million appraisal of a 95-acre parcel of land in north Phoenix. This parcel of land is being eyed by the Arizona Coyotes’ owner, Alex Meruelo, as the potential location for the team’s new arena. The approval of this appraisal sets the stage for an upcoming land auction that will ultimately determine the fate of the Coyotes in the greater Phoenix area.

Previous Setbacks

The road to acquiring a new arena for the Coyotes has been riddled with setbacks and disappointments. An earlier attempt to secure a different land deal in Tempe, Arizona, was voted down in a 2023 referendum. This setback left the Coyotes without a permanent arena or a solid location on which to build one. Currently, the team is playing out of a temporary 5,000-seat venue at Arizona State University after being evicted from their former arena in Glendale.

With the clock ticking, time is of the essence for the Coyotes to secure their future in Arizona. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman emphasized the need for patience but also acknowledged the urgency of the situation. The upcoming land auction is a critical juncture that could potentially determine the team’s future in Arizona.

The League’s Stance

While the league remains loyal to the location, Deputy commissioner Bill Daly hinted at the challenges ahead. He expressed concerns about the potential consequences if the bid is not successful. The league is closely monitoring the situation and is prepared to make decisions based on the outcome of the auction.

As the auction date looms closer, the NHL is aware of the timing issues surrounding the release of the schedule. The league recognizes the need for certainty regarding the new arena project and is closely following Meruelo’s progress in acquiring the best location for the team.

Despite the ongoing arena drama and uncertainties, the league remains committed to keeping the Coyotes in Arizona. While challenges lie ahead, there is a sense of determination to see the team succeed and thrive in the greater Phoenix area.

The upcoming land auction represents a make or break moment for the Arizona Coyotes. The outcome of this auction will not only impact the team’s future but also the NHL’s presence in the Arizona market. As the clock ticks, all eyes are on Meruelo and the Coyotes as they navigate through this critical phase in their quest for a new arena.


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