The Future of Oakland Coliseum: AASEG’s Proposal for Development

The African American Sports & Entertainment Group (AASEG) based in Oakland recently made a significant move by reaching out to the Athletics organization with an offer to acquire Alameda County’s 50% interest in the Oakland Coliseum site. This proposal comes at a crucial time, especially since the A’s plan to relocate to Las Vegas has been approved by Major League Baseball. AASEG Land LLC expressed its interest in developing the site and creating a prosperous space for sports, entertainment, education, and business in East Oakland.

Initially, AASEG had approached the A’s with a purchasing offer in September, but the team declined, stating that they were not willing to relinquish their share. However, with the recent developments regarding the team’s relocation, AASEG decided to make a follow-up offer to acquire the county’s interest in the Coliseum site. The development group aims to discuss equitable buyout conditions with the A’s representatives in the coming weeks to facilitate the transfer of ownership.

AASEG highlighted the increasing public demand for the prompt redevelopment of the Oakland Coliseum site. The group emphasized that they have significant community support for their vision of a thriving sports, entertainment, educational, and business district in East Oakland. Their primary goal is to enhance economic equity for the Black community through sports and entertainment initiatives. Additionally, AASEG aims to establish the first majority Black-owned NFL franchise in Oakland, further emphasizing their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As the A’s are in the final year of their lease agreement to play at the Coliseum, there is uncertainty surrounding their future location before a new ballpark in Las Vegas opens in 2028. One option could be extending the current lease, but the team’s long-term plans are yet to be finalized. Commissioner Rob Manfred expressed confidence in the Las Vegas relocation plan during a recent MLB owner meeting, stating his expectation for the new stadium to open by Opening Day 2028. However, the interim home for the A’s from 2025 to 2028 is still under discussion.

The proposal put forth by AASEG to acquire the Oakland Coliseum site marks a significant development in the future of the stadium and surrounding areas. With a focus on community support, economic equity, and sustainable development, AASEG’s vision for the site aligns with the interests of the local population. As discussions progress between the development group and the Athletics organization, the potential for a new chapter in the history of the Oakland Coliseum emerges, promising a bright future for sports and entertainment in the region.


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