The Future of L’Jarius Sneed with the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs made a significant move by officially placing the nonexclusive franchise tag on cornerback L’Jarius Sneed. This tag allows Sneed to engage in discussions with other teams, potentially paving the way for a trade. The Chiefs have indicated their openness to the possibility of a trade, with a source confirming that a new contract for Sneed could be part of the deal. If Sneed were to play the upcoming season under the franchise tag, he would be looking at a salary of $19.8 million, fully guaranteed.

The nonexclusive franchise tag placed on Sneed opens up avenues for trade discussions with other teams. The Chiefs seem to be exploring all options to secure the best possible outcome for both parties involved. General manager Brett Veach expressed his desire to retain both Sneed and defensive tackle Chris Jones, showcasing a commitment to keeping key players on the team.

Sneed has had an impressive career with the Chiefs since being drafted in 2020. In the 2023 season, he demonstrated marked improvement, showcasing his skills as a top cornerback. Sneed consistently matched up against opponents’ top receivers, limiting their effectiveness and making crucial plays when needed. His ability to shut down key opponents and make game-changing plays has been instrumental in the Chiefs’ success on the field.

During the postseason games, Sneed continued to shine, demonstrating his value to the team in high-stakes situations. In the AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens, Sneed’s performance was particularly notable, as he made a crucial play by forcing a fumble near the goal line. His ability to step up in pivotal moments and make game-changing plays underscores his importance to the Chiefs’ defense.

As the Chiefs navigate negotiations with Sneed and explore potential trade opportunities, the future of the talented cornerback remains uncertain. Sneed’s performance on the field and his contributions to the team’s success make him a valuable asset that the Chiefs will undoubtedly seek to retain. The upcoming season will undoubtedly shed light on Sneed’s future with the Chiefs and whether a long-term contract extension is on the horizon. As the deadline for teams to use the franchise tag approaches, all eyes will be on the developments surrounding Sneed and his future with the Kansas City Chiefs.


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