The Fall of Chiefsaholic: A Bank Robbery Story

Recently, a judge made a ruling ordering the infamous Kansas City Chiefs superfan, known as Chiefsaholic, to pay a hefty sum of $10.8 million to a Bixby, Oklahoma teller he threatened with a gun during a bank robbery in December 2022. This ruling was made by Tulsa County District Judge Tracy L. Priddy, who demanded that $3.6 million be paid for physical harm and emotional distress, with an additional $7.2 million in punitive damages for the teller, Payton Garcia.

Chiefsaholic, whose real name is Xaviar Babudar, committed a series of bank robberies across seven states, amassing more than $800,000 in stolen funds. Despite reaching a federal plea agreement in February, admitting to his crimes and agreeing to pay restitution to the financial institutions he robbed, the judge’s ruling still stands. His attorney, Matthew Merryman, has not made any comments regarding the ruling, while Garcia’s attorney, Frank Frasier, has acknowledged the challenges they may face in collecting the money.

Following the bank robbery in Bixby, Payton Garcia was traumatized and had to leave her job. Garcia’s attorney revealed that the incident not only affected her professionally but also personally, impacting her children and marriage. The aftermath of the robbery has left Garcia with emotional scars that may never fully heal, and returning to work in the banking industry seems like an insurmountable challenge for her.

Chiefsaholic, at the age of 29, had built a significant social media following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. He portrayed himself as an ambitious and generous young man who was passionate about gambling, Kansas State sports, and, above all, the Kansas City Chiefs. However, an investigation by ESPN uncovered that much of Chiefsaholic’s online persona was fabricated. The luxuries and lifestyle he showcased were built on illegal activities and deception.

Despite being arrested in February and released on bond, Chiefsaholic managed to escape custody after winning $100,000 from sports bets. He fled to California, evading authorities for almost four months before being apprehended. Currently, he is in federal prison in Kansas awaiting sentencing in July. The judge’s ruling sending a clear message that crime does not pay and that profiting from illegal activities will not be tolerated. Chiefsaholic’s fraudulent image has been shattered, revealing the harsh reality of his crimes and the impact they have had on his victims.

The story of Chiefsaholic serves as a cautionary tale of the consequences of greed and deceit. The fall from grace of a once-popular social media figure highlights the importance of integrity and honesty. The victims of his crimes, like Payton Garcia, are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives while the perpetrator faces the consequences of his actions. It is a stark reminder that crime does not pay, and the pursuit of ill-gotten gains ultimately leads to ruin.


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