The Evolution of Minkah Fitzpatrick’s Role in the Steelers’ Defense

Minkah Fitzpatrick, the four-time Pro Bowl safety, had a challenging season in 2023 as he finished without recording a single interception for the first time in his career. This was a stark contrast to his impressive performance in 2022, where he secured a career-high six interceptions, including a memorable pick-six. Despite facing injuries throughout the season, Fitzpatrick’s lack of interceptions raised concerns and highlighted the need to reevaluate his role on the team.

One significant aspect that impacted Fitzpatrick’s performance in 2023 was the shift in defensive schemes. Data from ESPN Stats and Info revealed that Fitzpatrick’s usage at free safety decreased from 76% in 2022 to 51% in 2023. This change forced Fitzpatrick to adapt to playing in different positions, including the slot and the box, where he spent a substantial amount of time. The defensive coordinator, Teryl Austin, acknowledged that this shift did not allow Fitzpatrick to leverage his strengths effectively and pledged to prioritize placing him in optimal positions in the upcoming season.

Described as an instinctual player akin to Hall of Famer Troy Polamalu, Fitzpatrick thrives when deployed as a free safety, allowing him to read the field and react swiftly to plays. His tenure in Miami, marked by role ambiguity, led to his trade to the Steelers in 2019, where he found success primarily playing as a free safety. However, injuries and depth concerns in 2023 forced Fitzpatrick to play a more versatile role, impeding his ability to excel. With the addition of new players like Damontae Kazee, DeShon Elliott, and Cameron Sutton, the Steelers are better equipped to restore Fitzpatrick to his preferred free safety position, known as “Minkah Ball.”

The inclusion of Patrick Queen and Payton Wilson in the inside linebacking corps further strengthens the Steelers’ defense and ensures that Fitzpatrick will have fewer responsibilities in the box. The team’s emphasis on bolstering the secondary and refining the defensive strategies indicates a proactive approach to maximize Fitzpatrick’s impact on the field. By strategically deploying versatile players like Sutton and harnessing the potential of rookie Ryan Watts, the Steelers aim to create a cohesive and dynamic defense that complements Fitzpatrick’s skill set.

As the Steelers gear up for the 2024 season, the focus is squarely on revitalizing Minkah Fitzpatrick and optimizing his performance within the team’s defensive framework. By learning from the challenges of the past season, addressing positioning concerns, and integrating new talent strategically, the Steelers are poised to unleash Fitzpatrick’s full potential and witness the resurgence of “Minkah Ball” on the gridiron. With a renewed sense of purpose and a revamped defensive strategy, Fitzpatrick and the Steelers are primed for a successful and impactful campaign in the upcoming season.


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