The Evolution of Mercedes in the 2024 DTM Season

Mercedes has made some notable changes to its driver lineup for the 2024 DTM season. While the German manufacturer has decided to retain all three of its full pro drivers – Lucas Auer, Maro Engel, and Luca Stolz, it has also introduced a new face to the team. Arjun Maini, a 26-year-old who was recently promoted to ‘Performance’ driver status in the factory GT roster, will be joining the Mercedes lineup. This addition brings a fresh perspective and energy to the team, potentially shaking things up on the track.

Unfortunately, with new additions also come departures. David Schumacher and Jusuf Owega have been dropped from Mercedes’ DTM programme for the upcoming season. While Schumacher, son of former Formula 1 and DTM ace Ralf, had a lackluster performance in the past two seasons, Owega made a mark with a fairly successful rookie campaign. However, the lack of space for a fifth driver at Mercedes led to their exits from the team. As the dynamics of the team continue to shift, it will be interesting to see how these changes impact the overall performance on the track.

With the exit of the Landgraf team, Mercedes’ DTM lineup has been reduced to just two teams – HRT and Winward. Engel will be moving across to Winward to fill the spot left by Schumacher, joining Auer at the team. Stolz and Maini will remain at Hubert Haupt’s squad, completing the four-driver lineup for Mercedes in the upcoming season. The restructuring of the teams signifies a strategic decision by Mercedes to streamline its operations and focus on a more compact lineup for greater efficiency.

Mercedes’ presence in the DTM has seen a considerable reduction compared to previous years. The manufacturer initially made a strong comeback in 2021, supporting seven cars on the grid – the most of any manufacturer at the time. However, due to budget cuts, Mercedes has now scaled down its lineup to just four factory-supported cars for the 2024 season. This shift highlights the ever-evolving landscape of motorsports and the constant need for manufacturers to adapt to changing circumstances.

Stefan Wendl, head of Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing, expressed confidence in the team’s capabilities despite the changes. He mentioned, “Taking into account our international achievements, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is a highly competitive car.” With a strategic lineup of two Performance Teams and four Performance Drivers, Mercedes is gearing up for the challenges of the upcoming season. The focus on performance and efficiency underscores the team’s commitment to maintaining a competitive edge in the DTM.

The evolution of Mercedes in the 2024 DTM season reflects a strategic approach to team dynamics and performance. With new additions, departures, and team restructuring, Mercedes is poised to tackle the upcoming challenges on the track. As the season unfolds, it will be interesting to see how these changes play out and whether Mercedes will emerge as a frontrunner in the competitive world of motorsports.


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