The Evolution of Hypercars in the WEC

The latest adjustments to the hypercars competing in the World Endurance Championship have brought about significant changes in weight and power specifications. The Ferrari 499P Le Mans Hypercar, for instance, will now race at a reduced weight of 1041kg, accompanied by a 7kW increase in maximum power. Similarly, Toyota’s GR010 HYBRID LMH has shed 29kg and gained 6kW as per the FIA WEC Committee’s recent table.

It is noteworthy that all nine hypercar models in the WEC have undergone weight reduction and power upgrades for the upcoming Imola 6 Hours race. The Porsche 963 LMDh, which previously dominated the podium in Qatar, now boasts a 15kg weight reduction and 3kW power increase. Additionally, the Alpine A424 LMDh, Isotta Fraschini Tipo 6 Competizioni LMH, and BMW M Hybrid LMDh have also experienced weight decreases ranging from 25kg to 28kg.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cadillac has received a minimal 2kg weight reduction, bringing it to the required 1030kg minimum weight. However, the V-Series LMDh has seen a substantial 18kW increase in power. The Peugeot 9X8 2024, despite an increase in weight to 1061kg, now operates at a lower maximum power of 510kW compared to its previous 520kW. Additionally, the deployment speed of the front-axle hybrid system for the Peugeot has been standardized at 190km/h, aligning it with other LMHs.

The adjustments in weight and power are believed to be a response to the varying track characteristics of Imola and Qatar. The introduction of the “power gain” component of the Balance of Performance (BoP), designed to equalize the straight-line speeds of hypercars, has been postponed. This component would involve applying a plus or minus figure to the maximum power of each car above 210km/h to ensure comparable acceleration and top speeds.

The evolution of hypercars in the WEC showcases a continuous strive for competitiveness and equality among competitors. The adjustments in weight and power aim to create an exciting and balanced racing environment for the upcoming events, promising thrilling battles on the track.


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