The Denver Broncos Quarterback Battle

The Denver Broncos have a challenging decision ahead of them as they head into the preseason with three quarterbacks vying for the starting position. Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson, and rookie Bo Nix have been locked in a three-way battle throughout the offseason program, with the coaching staff closely evaluating their performances.

Broncos coach Sean Payton expressed satisfaction with how the offseason program unfolded for the quarterbacks. He emphasized the importance of providing the players with a solid foundation by introducing them to the full playbook during this period. The goal was to prepare them for a more intense competition in the upcoming training camp.

Quarterbacks coach Davis Webb highlighted the significance of fostering a positive and supportive environment among the players. The coaching staff made it a priority to eliminate any tension or animosity that could arise from the intense competition. The focus was on encouraging each quarterback to give their best performance while supporting their teammates.

As the Broncos gear up for training camp, the emphasis will shift to the on-field performance of the quarterbacks. While Payton did not specify a deadline for making a final decision on the starter, he acknowledged the need to establish one before the start of the regular season. The players will be under scrutiny as they vie for the coveted starting role.

Each quarterback brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. Stidham, having started the final two games of the previous season, possesses a deep understanding of Payton’s offense and boasts five NFL seasons under his belt. On the other hand, Wilson, the second overall pick in the 2021 draft, is known for his strong arm and varied throwing abilities. Nix, the 12th pick in April’s draft, is praised for his maturity and extensive college playing experience.

Payton took a methodical approach in distributing first-team work among the quarterbacks during OTAs and minicamps. Each player had an equal opportunity to practice with the starting offense, with Payton closely monitoring their performances. As the team transitions to training camp, decisions regarding workload distribution and starter reps will be made based on the players’ progress.

Despite the meticulous planning and preparation, the starting quarterback decision remains the most significant and scrutinized aspect of the Broncos’ roster. The coaching staff is committed to evaluating each player objectively and selecting the candidate who gives the team the best chance to succeed. The upcoming weeks will be crucial in determining the future of the Broncos’ quarterback position.

The Denver Broncos quarterback battle represents a pivotal moment in the team’s journey towards the upcoming season. With the competition heating up and the pressure mounting, Stidham, Wilson, and Nix have everything to play for as they strive to secure the starting role. The coaching staff’s decisions will shape the team’s trajectory and set the tone for the season ahead.


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