The Decline of Cristiano Ronaldo: Is Age Catching Up?

Cristiano Ronaldo, at 39 years old, is still considered the selfie king among fans, but his influence on the pitch for his national team seems to be on the decline. During a recent match against Turkey, Ronaldo was approached by six selfie-seeking supporters who breached security just for a chance to take a picture with the global superstar. While Ronaldo’s popularity is undeniable, the focus should be on his performance on the field, which appears to be fading in significance.

Although Ronaldo did record his eighth assist at a European Championship during the game against Turkey, it is concerning that he has failed to score in six consecutive major tournament fixtures. This goal drought is unprecedented for Ronaldo in World Cups and European Championships, raising questions about his current form and effectiveness as a player. Despite his incredible career achievements, it seems that Ronaldo’s best days may be behind him.

As Ronaldo’s playing style has evolved with age, his once explosive speed and agility have diminished. Even his decision to pass to a teammate rather than taking the shot himself during the recent match with Turkey reflects a shift in his approach to the game. While some view this as a display of selflessness and teamwork, others see it as a sign that Ronaldo is no longer the dominant goal-scoring force he once was.

Portugal has a talented squad capable of success at Euro 2024, but the question remains: does Ronaldo still have a pivotal role to play? Despite his undeniable experience and past achievements, it is evident that Ronaldo’s performance on the pitch is not what it used to be. With emerging talents and new strategies, perhaps it is time for Portugal to consider a future without Ronaldo as their focal point.

While Ronaldo’s legacy in football is secure, the reality is that every player eventually faces a decline in performance. As Portugal looks to the future, they may need to reassess Ronaldo’s role within the team and explore new ways to succeed without relying solely on his contributions. The time for transition is approaching, and Portugal must be prepared to adapt to a post-Ronaldo era in order to continue competing at the highest level.


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