The Dallas Stars Join the Streaming World

The Dallas Stars have made a bold move by breaking away from traditional television networks like Bally Sports and venturing into the world of streaming. By partnering with A Parent Media Co. Inc., the Stars have paved the way for a new era in sports broadcasting. This shift to a direct-to-consumer platform called Victory+ marks a significant change in how sports content is delivered to fans.

A Pioneering Approach

Dallas is making history as the first major men’s sports franchise in the United States to transition its local broadcasts from a regional sports network to a streaming service. This innovative approach not only reflects the changing landscape of media consumption but also shows the Stars’ commitment to providing their fan base with a modern and accessible viewing experience.

According to Sportico, Victory+ will offer a free, ad-supported service for fans to stream all Stars games not covered by national broadcasts. This move is a testament to the organization’s dedication to prioritizing the needs of their supporters. Stars president and CEO Brad Alberts expressed excitement about the partnership with APMC, emphasizing the careful planning and research that went into creating this groundbreaking streaming platform.

Enhancing Fan Engagement

By introducing Victory+, the Dallas Stars are not only expanding their reach but also revolutionizing how fans interact with the team’s content. This platform will provide fans with a seamless way to access 100 percent of Stars programming, ensuring that supporters have a direct connection to the team regardless of their location.

Previously, the club’s local broadcasts were carried by Bally Sports Southwest, formerly known for its Fox Sports branding. The decision to move away from traditional television networks in favor of a streaming service underscores the Stars’ forward-thinking approach to adapting to the evolving media landscape.

The Dallas Stars’ collaboration with A Parent Media Co. Inc. to launch Victory+ represents a significant milestone in the world of sports broadcasting. By embracing streaming as a new and innovative way to deliver content to fans, the Stars are setting a precedent for other major sports franchises to follow. This move not only demonstrates the organization’s commitment to enhancing fan experience but also highlights their willingness to explore new avenues for distributing their programming.


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