The Controversy Surrounding the Devin Haney-Ryan Garcia Fight Venue

The boxing world was taken aback by the sudden announcement that the highly anticipated Devin Haney-Ryan Garcia pay-per-view fight would not be taking place in Las Vegas as initially anticipated, but rather in New York. The news that the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn would be hosting the event on April 20th came as a surprise to many East Coast fight fans who rarely get the opportunity to witness events of such magnitude in their region.

However, the excitement was short-lived as Ryan Garcia took to social media to express his discontent with the decision to hold the fight in New York. Garcia made it clear that he believed the fight should be in Las Vegas, stating, “This is an MGM Vegas fight.” He emphasized that his preference for the fight venue was purely a business decision and not a reflection of his feelings towards New York City.

In response to Garcia’s objections, undefeated junior welterweight titlist, Devin Haney, voiced his displeasure with the confusion surrounding the fight location. He accused Garcia of trying to evade the fight by stating, “This dude planning his escape.” The heated exchange continued as Haney defended the decision to hold the fight outside of Nevada, citing concerns about potential conflicts with Canelo ticket sales for an upcoming event.

Ryan Garcia’s tendency to bring drama from outside the ring into the public sphere is well-documented. Despite his charm and talent, Garcia has been embroiled in various controversies and disagreements. Despite not having won a world title and suffering a defeat in a previous superfight against Gervonta Davis, Garcia continues to be a polarizing figure in the boxing world, much like heavyweight titlist Tyson Fury.

As fans eagerly await the resolution of this latest dispute over the fight venue, it is evident that both Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia are determined to assert their positions and defend their interests. The back-and-forth exchange highlights the complexities of organizing high-profile boxing events and the importance of communication and cooperation between fighters and event organizers. Only time will tell how this saga will unfold and whether the Devin Haney-Ryan Garcia fight will ultimately take place in Las Vegas or New York.


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