The Consequences of Nahuel Guzmán’s Inappropriate Conduct

Tigres goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán recently found himself in hot water after the Mexican Football Federation handed him an 11-game ban for his “inappropriate conduct” during the Clasico Regio match against Monterrey. Guzmán, who was not even playing due to an injury, was caught on camera using a laser pointer towards Monterrey goalkeeper Esteban Andrada. This act led to a suspension, financial penalty, and community service hours for the player, as it violated federation rules.

In addition to the punishment from the FMF, Tigres also announced that they would be implementing their own sanctions based on their internal code. This means that Guzmán will face additional fines from his club for his behavior. Moreover, fines were also handed out to both teams involved in the match, as well as Andrada himself. These repercussions highlight the severity of Guzmán’s actions and send a strong message against unsportsmanlike behavior.

The ban comes at a crucial time for Guzmán, who has been sidelined with a knee injury since March. With only two games remaining in the regular season, the 38-year-old goalkeeper is effectively ruled out for the rest of the 2024 Clausura tournament and likely the beginning of the 2024 Apertura as well. This extended period of absence will undoubtedly have consequences for both Guzmán and his team, Tigres.

Nahuel Guzmán is no stranger to controversy, having gained notoriety for his unconventional tactics on the field. In a previous incident last August, he made headlines by pulling a ribbon out of his mouth in an attempt to distract a penalty-taker during the Leagues Cup. While Guzmán’s actions may entertain some fans, they ultimately reflect poorly on his professionalism and sportsmanship.

Despite Guzmán’s ban, Tigres will need to regroup and focus on their upcoming matches as they push for a playoff spot in the Liga MX. Their next game against Necaxa will be a test of their resilience and ability to overcome adversity. On the other hand, Monterrey, currently in 3rd place in the table, will face Leon in their next match. Both teams will need to maintain their competitive edge as they strive for success in the league.


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