The Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Undergoes Extensive Changes for 2024

The changes made by Aston Martin to the Vantage GT3 for the 2024 season are so significant that many consider it to be essentially a brand-new car rather than just a mid-cycle refresh. While some may refer to it as the Evo, drivers such as Sorensen argue that this label does not do justice to the extent of the modifications. According to Sorensen, almost nothing remains unchanged except for the seating position in the car. The suspension, bodywork, and overall design have all been revamped, making it more akin to a completely new vehicle.

Despite the similarities in the mechanical underpinnings and the four-liter V8 engine with the previous generation model, the updated Vantage GT3 requires a significant learning curve for drivers. The introduction of a new electronics system, revised suspension, and aerodynamic enhancements have resulted in a vastly different driving experience. This was evident during the Daytona race, where drivers had to adapt to the nuances of the new car, highlighting the necessity for further development and fine-tuning.

Drivers such as Ian James have praised the improvements in the new Vantage GT3, particularly in terms of drivability and tire management. James noted that the car is more forgiving and consistent, allowing drivers of varying skill levels to extract better performance. The enhanced tire management capabilities are a significant advantage, ensuring that the car remains competitive over longer stints and challenging conditions.

The new Vantage GT3 faced a mixed debut performance, with a frustrating outing at the IMSA SportsCar Championship in Florida where the car struggled to match the pace of its competitors. However, the car showed its potential at its first appearance in the WEC, with teams such as Heart of Racing and D’station achieving podium finishes in the LMGT3 class. The improved performance and reliability of the car were evident, showcasing the progress made by Aston Martin in refining the Vantage GT3 for competitive racing.

The Aston Martin Vantage GT3 has undergone significant changes for the 2024 season, resulting in a more refined and competitive racing machine. While the initial learning curve and challenges were evident in the early races, the improvements in drivability, tire management, and overall performance signal a promising future for the updated Vantage GT3. With continued development and fine-tuning, the new Vantage GT3 is poised to be a formidable contender in GT racing championships around the world.


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