The Arizona Coyotes’ Future in Jeopardy as Land Auction is Cancelled

The Arizona State Land Department’s decision to cancel the land auction scheduled for Thursday has thrown a major wrench in the plans of the Arizona Coyotes’ owner to reactivate the dormant NHL franchise. This decision has created uncertainty and disappointment for both the team and its fans, as the future of NHL hockey in the desert hangs in the balance.

In a strategic move approved by the NHL board of governors, Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo transferred the team’s hockey assets to Smith Entertainment Group, rendering the franchise inactive. The NHL board approved a plan that allowed the Coyotes to reactivate the franchise if a new, state-of-the-art facility appropriate for an NHL team is constructed within five years. This marked a significant shift in the ownership structure and direction of the team, with a clear focus on securing a new arena for the franchise.

The Coyotes had identified a 95-acre parcel of land in north Phoenix as a potential site for a new arena. Plans for the proposed arena included not just the main facility but also a practice facility, a theater, and housing units. However, the cancellation of the land auction has put a stop to these plans, leaving the Coyotes without a clear path forward in terms of securing a new home for the franchise.

Legal Challenges and Uncertainty

In response to the cancellation, the Coyotes released a statement expressing displeasure and hinting at potential legal action. The team is exploring all legal options to address what they see as a shortsighted decision by the Arizona State Land Department. This sudden turn of events has thrown the future of NHL hockey in the desert into question, with the Coyotes claiming that millions, if not billions, of dollars in revenue for K-12 education are at stake.

The concerns raised by Scottsdale mayor David Ortega regarding the zoning entitlement of the land further add to the uncertainty surrounding the Coyotes’ future. The mayor referred to Meruelo’s plans as a “fantasy hockey proposal” and criticized the sudden reversal of the land auction. This development highlights the challenges the Coyotes face in securing a suitable location for their arena and the skepticism surrounding their plans.

The cancellation of the land auction by the Arizona State Land Department has dealt a significant blow to the Arizona Coyotes’ hopes of reactivating their NHL franchise. The future of NHL hockey in the desert now hangs in the balance as the team navigates legal challenges and uncertainties surrounding their proposed arena. The road ahead is uncertain, and the Coyotes will need to regroup and strategize to overcome this setback and secure a new home for the franchise.


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