The Ambitious Goals of Evan Engram: Elevating His Game in 2024

After making waves in his first two seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, tight end Evan Engram has set his sights on reaching new heights in the upcoming 2024 season. Coming off a record-breaking 2023 campaign where he set the single-season franchise record with an impressive 114 catches, Engram is determined to become a more significant threat downfield. His goal is to elevate his game to the level of top-tier tight ends like Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Sam LaPorta, known for their ability to create explosive plays and find the end zone.

While Engram has been a reliable target for quarterback Trevor Lawrence, leading the team in targets and catches over the past two seasons, there are areas where he aims to grow. Despite his high volume of receptions, Engram’s yards per reception and touchdown numbers were not as impressive compared to other top-tier tight ends in the league. With only four touchdowns and an average of 8.4 yards per reception, Engram recognizes the need for improvement in his downfield game to become a more dynamic and impactful player.

Recognizing Engram’s potential as a downfield threat, offensive coordinator Press Taylor and head coach Doug Pederson are committed to helping him reach his goals. Taylor emphasizes the importance of finding ways to get Engram involved in the vertical passing game while also acknowledging his prowess in quick routes and yards after the catch. The addition of new receiving threats like Gabe Davis and Brian Thomas Jr. will provide Engram with opportunities to exploit matchups and showcase his versatility on the field.

Having spent five seasons with the New York Giants before joining the Jaguars, Engram experienced varying levels of success with different quarterbacks. While he thrived with veteran Eli Manning, averaging over 10 yards per catch in his first four seasons, his numbers dipped slightly with younger quarterbacks like Daniel Jones and Lawrence. As he enters his third season in Jacksonville’s offense, Engram is poised to build on his past achievements and elevate his performance in 2024.

Engram’s determination to evolve as a player and contribute more significantly to the Jaguars’ offense is evident in his ambitious goals for the upcoming season. By focusing on enhancing his downfield capabilities, making explosive plays, and becoming a red zone threat, Engram aims to carve out a more prominent role for himself in the team’s game plan. With the support of his coaches, teammates, and his own unwavering dedication, Evan Engram is poised to make a significant impact in the 2024 NFL season.


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