The Ambitions of Sean O’Malley: A Potential Clash with Conor McGregor

UFC bantamweight champion, Sean O’Malley, has expressed his willingness to go to great lengths in order to secure a fight with Conor McGregor, a matchup that has the potential to go down in UFC history. Despite being a 135-pound fighter, O’Malley has stated that he would be more than willing to move up to 155 pounds for the opportunity to face McGregor, who is currently focused on his return to the Octagon against Michael Chandler.

While O’Malley typically stays within his weight class and focuses on his own path in the UFC, the allure of a fight with McGregor seems to be too tempting to resist. O’Malley acknowledges McGregor’s stature and reputation in the fighting world, recognizing that a matchup against him would not only be a colossal payday but also a chance to make history. Despite the size difference between the two fighters, O’Malley is willing to take on the challenge for the sake of facing someone like McGregor.

As O’Malley’s own popularity has surged in the UFC, the prospect of facing McGregor has transformed from a dream scenario to a potential reality. O’Malley, who has long idolized McGregor, now finds himself in a position where his idol could become his rival in the Octagon. O’Malley even speculates that McGregor may be feeling envious of his own rise to fame, hinting at a possible tinge of jealousy from the former two-division champion.

McGregor’s recent outburst on social media, which targeted O’Malley among others, has only added fuel to the fire. O’Malley believes that McGregor’s comments stem from a sense of jealousy and insecurity, especially as O’Malley continues to gain traction in the UFC. Despite O’Malley’s attempts to provoke McGregor into a reaction, the bantamweight champion finds it difficult to harbor any animosity towards someone he once held in such high regard.

While the potential clash between O’Malley and McGregor remains an intriguing possibility, both fighters have their own immediate hurdles to clear. McGregor’s upcoming fight against Chandler is set for June, while O’Malley is likely to defend his bantamweight title against Merab Dvalishvili later this year. As such, the timeline for a showdown between O’Malley and McGregor may still be in the distant future, but the prospect of such a high-profile matchup continues to captivate fans and fighters alike.


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