The Absence of Lionel Messi and Manager Lionel Scaloni Affects Argentina’s Copa América Match Against Peru

The absence of Lionel Messi has been officially confirmed for Argentina’s final group stage match of the 2024 Copa América against Peru. Following the win over Chile, Messi revealed his injury and decision to play through the pain for the full 90 minutes despite not being “100%.” The forward experienced discomfort in his right hamstring during the game but managed to finish. However, tests conducted by La Albiceleste’s coaching staff have led to the decision to bench Messi for the upcoming match. Despite the injury, Messi is expected to return for the knockout round as Argentina has already secured a spot in the next stage of the competition.

In addition to Messi’s absence, Argentina will also be without manager Lionel Scaloni for the match against Peru. Scaloni was suspended by CONMEBOL for a delayed return to the pitch after halftime in the match against Chile. The governing body found Argentina responsible for breaching Copa America rules regarding the timing of teams returning to the field after the halftime break. As a result, Scaloni will miss the upcoming game and La Albiceleste has been fined $15,000 for the offense. While Scaloni expressed bitterness over the situation, the coaching staff remains committed to maintaining integrity in their actions.

The absence of both Messi and Scaloni will undoubtedly have an impact on Argentina’s preparation for the crucial match against Peru. With key figures missing, the coaching staff will need to make adjustments and rely on other players to step up and fill the void left by the star forward and manager. Despite the setbacks, La Albiceleste has vowed to approach the game with the same focus and determination, emphasizing the importance of rotating players to observe those who have had limited minutes on the field. This presents an opportunity for other members of the team to showcase their abilities and contribute to the overall performance.

The sanctions imposed by CONMEBOL on Argentina, including the suspension of manager Scaloni and a $15,000 fine, underscore the importance of compliance with tournament regulations. The rules regarding the timing of team returns to the pitch after halftime are in place to ensure the smooth running of matches and maintain fairness for all teams involved. While the situation has led to disappointment and frustration for Scaloni and the coaching staff, it serves as a reminder of the need for strict adherence to competition guidelines. The incident highlights the consequences of failing to comply with established rules and the impact it can have on the team’s performance and preparations.

The absence of Lionel Messi and manager Lionel Scaloni will present challenges for Argentina in their upcoming Copa América match against Peru. However, the team remains determined to overcome these obstacles and approach the game with the same level of commitment and focus. The injuries and suspensions serve as a test of the team’s depth and resilience, providing an opportunity for other players to showcase their talent and contribute to the overall success of La Albiceleste. As they navigate these challenges, Argentina will need to draw on their collective strength and unity to secure a positive result in the absence of their key figures.


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