Ryan Hartman Suspended Three Games for Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman was recently suspended for three games after throwing his stick towards officials following a 2-1 overtime loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. The incident occurred after a missed high-sticking call on Hartman late in the third period, which left him visibly upset. This led to him launching his stick towards the on-ice officials and players from both teams after the game-ending empty-net goal in OT.

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety conducted a phone hearing with Hartman to address his unsportsmanlike behavior. In their ruling, they acknowledged Hartman’s argument that he did not intend to hurt or hit anyone with his stick. However, they emphasized that his actions were unprofessional, unacceptable, and would not be tolerated. They took into account his status as a repeat offender, considering his history of fines and suspensions throughout his 10-year career.

As a result of the suspension, Hartman will miss Minnesota’s upcoming home games against the Ottawa Senators, Colorado Avalanche, and Winnipeg Jets. This comes at a crucial time for the Wild as they are in the midst of battling for a wild-card spot in the playoffs. Additionally, Hartman will forfeit over $62,000 based on his average salary, with the money going towards the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Throughout this season, Hartman has accumulated 42 points with 19 goals, 23 assists, and 72 penalty minutes in 68 games. Over his career, which has spanned 574 games with four different teams, he has amassed 275 points with 126 goals, 149 assists, and 577 penalty minutes. Despite his offensive contributions on the ice, his disciplinary issues have been a recurring problem throughout his time in the league.

Ryan Hartman’s suspension serves as a reminder of the consequences of unsportsmanlike behavior in professional sports. It highlights the importance of maintaining composure and respect for the game, regardless of the circumstances. Moving forward, it will be crucial for Hartman to learn from this incident and work on controlling his emotions in high-pressure situations to avoid similar repercussions in the future.


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