Restrictions and Challenges Faced by Inter Miami CF in MLS

Inter Miami CF head coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino recently addressed the challenges faced by the team when it comes to signing players. He mentioned that due to Major League Soccer’s strict roster rules, it is not feasible to bring in players like Benfica forward Ángel Di María and Boca Juniors goalkeeper Sergio Romero. This limitation is creating obstacles for the team in terms of acquiring top-tier talent.

Martino explained during an interview with Paraguayan radio Monumental AM 1080, that the team is not in a position, both economically and legally, to secure players of the caliber of Di María and Romero. He emphasized the economic restrictions and limits imposed by the league, which Inter Miami must adhere to. These challenges are hindering the team from pursuing exceptional players and building a stronger roster.

League Disadvantages

The head coach also expressed his frustration with MLS rules, particularly after being eliminated from the Concacaf Champions Cup round of 16 by Monterrey. Martino highlighted the disparity between MLS and Liga MX, citing roster rules as a major factor. He mentioned that as long as MLS maintains restrictive rules, Liga MX will continue to have an advantage. This imbalance is impeding Inter Miami from competing at a higher level.

Currently, Inter Miami has designated player slots occupied by Leonardo Campana, Sergio Busquets, and Lionel Messi. The team must carefully manage its salary cap, with players like Luis Suárez and Jordi Alba contributing towards the total salary capacity. This makes it challenging to bring in players like Di María, as the team would need to offload certain players to free up salary space before compliance day.

Future Possibilities

Despite the current constraints, Martino did not rule out the possibility of making signings in the future. He acknowledged that the transfer window opens in mid-July, providing the team with an opportunity to explore new acquisitions. Inter Miami remains open to the transfer market and is constantly looking for ways to improve its roster. Martino expressed optimism about the team’s potential for growth and development.

Current Strategy

In the meantime, Inter Miami will rely on its existing players for the ongoing 2024 MLS season and the upcoming Leagues Cup tournament. The team is currently leading the Eastern Conference table with 21 points in 11 games. Despite the challenges faced in player recruitment, Inter Miami remains focused on performing well in the upcoming matches, including the game against the New York Red Bulls at Chase Stadium.


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