Reflecting on Igor Severino’s Actions in the UFC

Igor Severino, a rising UFC fighter from Brazil, made headlines for all the wrong reasons after being disqualified in his UFC debut for biting his opponent, Andre Lima, on the arm. This shocking incident not only left a visible mark on Lima but also resulted in Severino being released from the UFC by CEO Dana White. The repercussions of Severino’s actions were severe, as he not only lost his fight but also faced backlash from fans and threats towards his family.

In the aftermath of the incident, Severino expressed deep regret for his actions, stating that there was “nothing that could justify” what he did that night. Despite this, Severino claimed that he does not remember biting Lima and was puzzled as to what prompted him to do so. He mentioned being hit with something hard during the fight, which led to him being on autopilot and not remembering anything thereafter. Severino emphasized that he has never engaged in such behavior before and struggled to comprehend his actions.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission placed a hold on Severino’s purse for the bout, pending a disciplinary hearing, further adding to the consequences of his actions. Despite the backlash and negative attention, Severino expressed hope that this incident does not define his MMA career and that he is given another chance by the UFC in the future. He pleaded for the opportunity to redeem himself and showcase the true person that he is beyond this unfortunate incident.

Severino’s plea for a second chance highlights the complexity of his situation and the remorse he feels for his actions. Despite the severity of his mistake, it is essential to consider the circumstances that may have led to such behavior and offer a path for redemption. While Severino’s actions were inexcusable, it is crucial to acknowledge his accountability and willingness to learn from this experience. Only time will tell if the UFC will give Severino another opportunity to prove himself as a skilled athlete and a changed individual.


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