Oscar De La Hoya Feeling Confident: Taking Shots at Premier Boxing Champions

Hall of Fame fighter and Golden Boy Promotions head, Oscar De La Hoya, has been making waves in the boxing world with his recent bold statements on social media. After participating in the press tour for the Devin Haney-Ryan Garcia fight, the 51-year-old promoter took to his social media accounts to flex his muscles and challenge fighters from Premier Boxing Champions.

De La Hoya did not hold back when he challenged fighters from Premier Boxing Champions to step up and face him in the ring. In his social media post, he made it clear that he was looking to make fights happen and questioned the whereabouts of all the fighters under the management of PBC honcho, Al Haymon. This move by De La Hoya clearly showed his confidence and determination to make a mark in the boxing world once again.

In a rather mocking tone, De La Hoya referred to the fans of Premier Boxing Champions as “Hamonites” and dismissed them as cringe-worthy individuals. This playful banter from De La Hoya towards the fans of PBC showed his lighthearted approach to the situation, despite the ongoing rivalry between different boxing promotions.

Despite facing his fair share of challenges throughout his career, Oscar De La Hoya seemed unfazed by the rumors of Premier Boxing Champions facing tough times. He confidently stated that he was back and ready to take over the boxing world once again. De La Hoya’s unwavering confidence and bold statements showcased his determination to make a strong comeback in the sport.

De La Hoya didn’t stop at just making bold statements on social media; he also suggested potential matchups that sparked discussions among boxing fans. His mention of a super middleweight fight between Edgar Berlanga and David Morrell intrigued many fans, and De La Hoya was keen on hearing their thoughts on the potential matchup. This move from De La Hoya showed his keen interest in promoting exciting fights that would capture the attention of boxing enthusiasts.

Furthermore, De La Hoya didn’t shy away from criticizing Premier Boxing Champions’ upcoming matchups. In particular, he questioned the decision to feature Keith Thurman and Tim Tszyu in an upcoming fight, considering Thurman’s lack of activity in recent years. De La Hoya’s public criticism of PBC’s choices highlighted his keen eye for identifying potential flaws in matchmaking and his commitment to promoting high-quality fights.

Oscar De La Hoya’s recent statements and social media posts have showcased his confidence, determination, and sharp wit in the world of boxing promotion. Despite the ongoing rivalry between promotions and the uncertainty surrounding Premier Boxing Champions, De La Hoya remains unfazed and ready to make a strong comeback. His bold statements and challenging matchups demonstrate his commitment to elevating the sport of boxing and providing fans with thrilling fights to enjoy.


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