Minnesota Twins and Carlos Correa are “Going Crazy” on Prince Day

On a special Prince Day at Target Field, Carlos Correa and the Minnesota Twins didn’t hold back as they celebrated in style during their 6-2 victory over the Oakland Athletics. After hitting a two-run homer in the seventh inning, Correa paid tribute to the Minneapolis music icon by sporting a purple vest and hat, and grabbing an inflatable purple guitar to celebrate with his teammates in the dugout. The post-homer celebration was a creative idea that the Twins had planned before the game, adding a fun and unique twist to their victory.

Following a game where the Twins recorded a season-high 24 hits, they continued their offensive prowess by tallying 13 hits in the matchup against the Athletics. These hits included 12 singles along with Correa’s impressive home run. Correa’s recent performance has been exceptional, with 14 hits in his last five games, boosting his batting average from .255 to .299. His offensive contributions have been crucial for the Twins’ success on the field.

Building Camaraderie and Friendship

The celebration with the inflatable guitar and purple attire exemplifies the Twins’ commitment to building relationships not just as teammates, but as friends and brothers. Pablo Lopez, who had the inflatable guitar from a previous season’s giveaway, highlighted the importance of finding unique ways to bond as a team. These special moments off the field can help create a stronger sense of unity among the players.

In addition to Correa’s standout performance, Byron Buxton also had a notable game with three hits and two RBIs. Royce Lewis and Austin Martin contributed with two hits each, showcasing the depth of talent within the Twins’ lineup. With Lewis returning from injury and making a significant impact, the team’s chemistry and offensive firepower are evident in their recent stretch of victories.

Overall, the Minnesota Twins and Carlos Correa’s celebration on Prince Day exemplify the team’s creativity, unity, and success on the field. By paying homage to a music icon and finding new ways to come together as a team, the Twins are not only winning games but also building lasting connections that extend beyond the baseball diamond.


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