Jack Della Maddalena’s UFC 305 Hopes Dashed Due to Arm Complications

Jack Della Maddalena, hailing from Perth, Australia, was eagerly anticipating his hometown fight at UFC 305. However, his dreams were shattered due to complications arising from an arm surgery stemming from a previous injury suffered at UFC 299. The fighter took to Instagram to disclose the unfortunate news that he would not be able to compete at the RAC Arena on August 17th.

Battling Infections

The fighter revealed that he had been dealing with multiple infections post his first surgery. With the wound splitting just 10 days after the initial surgery, infection was indicated. Following a second surgery where the bone was cleaned and plate replaced, Della Maddalena experienced a series of setbacks. The wound developed abscesses over a 5-week period, leading to bacteria presence and complicating his recovery process.

Jack Della Maddalena suffered a forearm injury during his comeback fight against Gilbert Burns in March. Despite his desire to face Shavkat Rakhmonov in the Octagon, his return will now be indefinite. The fighter mentioned that he will require additional surgeries in the coming weeks to treat the remaining infected tissues. This unforeseen circumstance has put a hold on his plans to step back into the ring.

Acknowledging the disappointment of not being able to compete at UFC 305 in Perth, Della Maddalena emphasized the importance of his recovery. His current priority is to eliminate the infections from his body and allow his bone to heal properly. With a goal to regain full functionality of his arm, the fighter is looking at a 12-week timeline for a potential return to the Octagon.

Jack Della Maddalena’s journey to UFC 305 has been riddled with obstacles due to unexpected complications from his arm surgery. While setbacks can be disheartening, the fighter’s focus on recovery and long-term health is commendable. With a positive mindset and determination, Della Maddalena aims to overcome these challenges and make a successful return to the MMA scene in the future.


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