Inside the Mind of Rising Bantamweight John Leonardo: A Fighter’s Journey

John Leonardo, known as “Body Shot” in the ring, hails from a family where boxing runs in the blood. His father, a professional middleweight, instilled in him a passion for the sport from a young age. With the nickname passed down from his father, Leonardo has big shoes to fill and a legacy to uphold. His father’s expertise as a body puncher has influenced his own fighting style, shaping him into the fighter he is today.

Leonardo’s upcoming fight against Frank Gomez at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City is a crucial moment in his career. Despite not knowing much about his opponent, Leonardo has been diligently studying films of Gomez to prepare for the bout. His rigorous training regimen, consisting of three workouts a day, boxing sessions every night, and swimming workouts, showcases his dedication to his craft. Leonardo understands the importance of staying in top physical condition and continuously improving his skills to succeed in the ring.

Amateur Success

Before making his professional debut in 2021, Leonardo had already established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the amateur circuit. With over 65 amateur fights under his belt, including victories in the New Jersey Golden Gloves and the Diamond Gloves, Leonardo has proven his talent and determination in the ring. His international experience, competing in Sweden and Denmark with the New York Metro Team, has further honed his skills and prepared him for the challenges ahead in his professional career.

Looking ahead, Leonardo sets his sights on climbing the ranks in the bantamweight division. His goal of breaking into the top ten and eventually winning a world title drives his relentless pursuit of excellence in the sport. With a strong foundation built on a rich boxing heritage, years of competitive experience, and unwavering discipline, Leonardo is poised to make a significant impact in the world of boxing.

John Leonardo’s journey from amateur standout to rising bantamweight contender is a testament to his passion for boxing and his unwavering dedication to his craft. With every fight, Leonardo continues to grow and evolve as a fighter, drawing inspiration from his family legacy and pushing himself to new heights of success in the ring. As he prepares to face off against Frank Gomez in his upcoming bout, all eyes will be on Leonardo as he showcases his skills and determination on the path to boxing greatness.


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