Improving the Serve: Coco Gauff’s Struggle at the Italian Open

American tennis star Coco Gauff has been facing some challenges with her serve at the Italian Open. In three matches, she has accumulated a total of 35 double faults, highlighting a clear area of weakness in her game. Despite her ranking as the world No. 3, Gauff has been grappling with technical changes to her serve that have yet to fully settle.

A strong serve is often considered a powerful weapon in tennis, but Gauff’s performance at the clay swing has been less than stellar. With an average of almost 10 double faults in five matches on the slower surface prior to Rome, the young US Open champion has been struggling to find her rhythm. In her recent match against Paula Badosa, Gauff sent down an additional 11 double faults, further highlighting the need for improvement.

Shift in Perspective

Despite her troubles, Gauff remains optimistic about the changes to her serve. She acknowledges the need for time to find the right balance between power and accuracy. Gauff emphasized her commitment to going big on her first serve, understanding that it comes with a risk of more faults. However, she believes that finding this balance is crucial to unleashing the full potential of her serve.

Learning from the Best

Drawing inspiration from world No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka, who turned her serve from a weakness into a weapon with the help of a biomechanics trainer, Gauff is actively seeking to make technical tweaks to her own serve. With renowned coaches Brad Gilbert and Jean-Christophe Faurel by her side, Gauff is determined to overcome her current challenges and emerge stronger.

Despite the immediate pressure of tournament play, Gauff is focused on the bigger picture. She understands the importance of making technical changes to her serve even in the midst of competitions. By thinking long-term and prioritizing the development of her serve, Gauff aims to maintain her competitive edge and continue to grow as a player. While she may face setbacks in the short term, Gauff remains committed to her goal of improving her serve for sustained success on the court.


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