From the Octagon to the Farm: Bryce Mitchell’s Unique Upcycling

Bryce Mitchell, also known as “Thug Nasty,” is not your typical MMA fighter. When he’s not in the Octagon competing as a UFC featherweight contender, Mitchell leads a lifestyle as a farmer in Arkansas. Embracing sustainability and repurposing, Mitchell has taken an old MMA training cage and transformed it into something truly unique on his farm.

Instead of letting the old training cage go to waste, Mitchell converted the inside into a chicken coop complete with nesting boxes, roosting bars, and a protective roof. This innovative use of space showcases Mitchell’s creativity and resourcefulness, proving that MMA fighters can upcycle too.

Not stopping at just the chicken coop, Mitchell utilized the space below the cage to create a pig pen. This dual-purpose setup maximizes the use of the training cage while providing a comfortable and safe environment for his pigs. Mitchell’s commitment to sustainable living shines through in every aspect of his farm.

Despite his success as a farmer, Mitchell has faced challenges in the Octagon in recent fights. With two losses in his last three matches, including a devastating knockout at UFC 296, Mitchell understands the highs and lows of professional fighting. However, his determination and resilience both in and out of the Octagon are evident in his decision to take a break from MMA to focus on recovery and family.

Bryce Mitchell’s story is a testament to the multifaceted nature of MMA fighters. Beyond their skills in the ring, fighters like Thug Nasty lead diverse and fulfilling lives outside of the Octagon. Mitchell’s passion for farming and sustainability has added a new dimension to his public persona, showcasing his creativity, innovation, and dedication to living a balanced life. As he continues to navigate both the challenges of professional fighting and the rewards of farming, Bryce Mitchell exemplifies what it means to be a well-rounded athlete and individual.


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