French Open to Air on TNT Sports in the United States Beginning Next Year

In an official announcement, Warner Bros. Discovery and the French Tennis Federation confirmed that the French Open will now be broadcast on TNT Sports in the United States, starting next year. This revelation comes after Sportscaster Noah Eagle revealed during NBC’s coverage on Sunday that TNT Sports had secured the rights to air the tournament. This 10-year agreement represents a significant increase in revenue, with an average of $65 million per year, compared to the previous $12 million per year received by the French Tennis Federation from NBC and Tennis Channel.

TNT Sports chairman and CEO, Luis Silberwasser, shared that once it became clear the rights were available, they moved swiftly to secure the deal. By presenting their vision for the coverage of the tournament to officials in Paris, they were able to showcase a plan that aimed to engage not only tennis fans but also sports enthusiasts in general. The focus was on providing comprehensive coverage that appealed to a broader audience, beyond just traditional tennis viewers.

Under the new contract, TNT will serve as the primary network for broadcasting the French Open, with additional matches being shown on TBS and truTV. Moreover, viewers will have the option to stream every match from the tournament on Max, ensuring accessibility across various platforms. In addition to live matches, highlights, and exclusive content will be available on platforms such as Bleacher Report, House of Highlights, and HighlightHER. This move elevates the French Open’s coverage to the same level as other prestigious Grand Slam tournaments, such as the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open, which are all broadcast by ESPN.

French Tennis Federation president, Gilles Moretton, expressed his satisfaction with the new agreement, emphasizing the opportunities it presents to enhance the visibility of Roland Garros in the United States. By partnering with a network like TNT Sports, the federation aims to further promote the tournament and engage a wider audience, ultimately driving interest and participation in the sport of tennis.

Warner Bros. Discovery has a longstanding history with the French Open, having aired the tournament on Eurosport since 1989 and distributed coverage to over 55 countries outside the US. By transitioning the broadcasting rights to TNT Sports, the tournament gains access to a larger American audience and aligns itself with a network committed to delivering high-quality sports content.

While TNT has already secured broadcasting rights for several high-profile sporting events, including College Football Playoff games and NASCAR races, discussions are ongoing regarding their partnership with the NBA. As negotiations progress regarding a new rights agreement with the NBA, the network’s coverage of major sporting events is likely to continue evolving, providing audiences with diverse and engaging content across different athletic disciplines.

The move of the French Open to TNT Sports represents a significant milestone in the tournament’s broadcasting history, opening up new opportunities for exposure and engagement with audiences in the United States. By leveraging the network’s reach and expertise, the French Open aims to consolidate its position among the leading Grand Slam tournaments globally, ensuring a compelling viewing experience for fans and enthusiasts alike.


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